Monday, 15 March 2010

Hmm... Not sure.

There's something about this one which i am not happy about. I think it might be all the arms?! It took me a while to edit because i did it the longest way around! I think it might be the edges? I think the left arms are looking weird. Maybe cut the lighter one out? Who knows! It's been a long weekend and a long day to start the week.

Might just start again tomorrow and keep this one for the sketch book.

Sunday, 7 March 2010


I've been following this photographer called Kirsty Mitchell for a while now. Her work is so beautiful. I wanted to share it because i think it'll inspire others and she definately deserves success for what she does. I admire her creativity, there is such a gentle touch to all of her photographs. Reading up on her blog, she channels her emotions into her photography. I can see Tim Walker similarities, but there's a connection between her and her subjects much like portraiture. The props she uses are all hand made by Kirsty. When i look at the 'wonderland' series, i can see a great understanding between the photographer and the model, it's as if they step into a dream together for that split second when she presses the shutter.

Punched the boy and made him cry.

My photography...

I took these portraits as a test for my CAP project. I am very happy with them. I need to revisit this as i need more people to come and sit for me. The idea was how people request true emotion from their subjects so i got my sitters to elaborate and take it a step too far.

Sweet Dreams.

Here is a very rough example of how i want to compose and edit my Gaia project. Excuse all the bad cutting out! I just quickly knocked it together.

I didn't explain on here, but i changed my idea. My new idea is about the delicate balance between nature and man made objects and how they connect and collaborate in everything. It's a fashion/editorial piece inspired by Vanina Sorrenti. I am hoping to take it further than her images so it's not a direct copy. I am overlaying about 4 images. These were just my test shoots. I am re-shooting this week and hopefully i'll be done to make the final edit a week before the deadline for a change.

Hope you like it.

Any criticism or advice on it is welcome as it's a working progress and i know there is still room for improvement, so please comment.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Feet so cold they started to burn....

Some of my Photography...

Thank you Jessica Taylor.