Sunday, 6 December 2009

Here is a link to an interview i enjoyed. Take a read if you have a moment.

My mind is buzzing and i'm really tired. I am struggling to switch off recently. My problem, i think, is that i spent a year ignoring what i really wanted to do because i was doubting myself. Now, i feel like i am back in the game and i have to play catch up. I really need to get that idea out of my head. I have so much ambition and passion bubbling up inside me. I am just so excited i don't know where to start.

I spent a bit of time in the studio photographing my DISP work (digital imaging and studio practice). When i got my final shot, i got roxy to dress up in a vintage dress i bought and i photographed her in it. I think the style really suits her. I found a great vintage shop in Boscombe, it had some fantastic outfits. I will be revisiting it to get some cool outfits in future.

I am enjoying having access to the studios so i can experiment. Styling has become more important in my images. When i first started taking photographs i didn't always consider clothing. Now, it has become another way to express my creativity.

Here is an example of Finlay Mackay's image that i liked. The concept is very original. I don't quite understand the eye balls, but sometimes it's good to be unable to fathom a message of a photograph out. It gives you the opportunity to make your own assumptions.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I was doing some research over the weekend and i was advised to look up a Photographer called Finlay Mackay. I loved the humour of his photographs. They are like naughty characters from the books 'a series of unfortunate events'. I was very impressed (Thank you to Adrian for suggesting him). I've stuck a couple of the images in my sketch book, they really inspired my digital imaging work.