Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Emma Summerton.

You know when you look through magazines and you take a look at the Photographer's name... Well i kept seeing Emma Summerton.

I love her new work.

I called up her agent today but the response i got was, 'she doesn't take on students and doesn't want anyone shadowing her. Send me your CV and we'll see'. That doesn't sound promising but i'll send it anyway.

'Bohemian way'...


I look like such a geek... but this is me on set with Kirsty. The model was on stilts so she was just having a rest by leaning on my shoulders.

It was so good being out on location. We were at this public path way in the middle of nowhere which looked like a strange vortex because it was all overgrown. I made myself useful and helped out where i could.

A visit to Wonderland.

I have been very busy of late. I managed to get involved with one of my favourite projects on flickr, 'Wonderland'. I had been admiring Kirsty Mitchell's work for a long time and few months ago i emailed her about the possibility of me working with her. Turns out, she needed my help!

I had so much fun.

I met the loveliest bunch of people. They are the Wonderland elves. The photographs they create are exquisite and rightly so. The passion and dedication poured into them would give nothing but that as the outcome.

Kirsty, the photographer is incredible. Working with her has given me the chance to see what it's actually like inside her head! Her imagination must run riot. I was so fascinated by how she channels that into a masterpiece. She is a woman who knows exactly what she wants. Her attention to detail is one of the greatest aspects of the way she works, it's the little touches that bring it all together.

'The fairy cake godmother' set was created in Kirsty's garden. There were some other busy beavers around. Elbie, the make up artist and hair stylist. She paints that amazing colour, she's a real artist. Kirsty and Elbie are so in tune. They both have brilliant visions and work together incredibly well. Katie, the model is just beautiful. She reminded me of a fairy. She has skills in circus performing and does modelling alongside, so she works so well in front of the camera. Also in the team was Matthew, Kirsty's fiance. He was very cool and was so involved with all the work. I love how close knit the team is. Also Adam, he is a guy in a similar position to me. He came to help so it was good to talk to him.

I have been welcomed in by the Wonderland family and have been invited back for my next fix of the enchanting series.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Hmm... Not sure.

There's something about this one which i am not happy about. I think it might be all the arms?! It took me a while to edit because i did it the longest way around! I think it might be the edges? I think the left arms are looking weird. Maybe cut the lighter one out? Who knows! It's been a long weekend and a long day to start the week.

Might just start again tomorrow and keep this one for the sketch book.

Sunday, 7 March 2010


I've been following this photographer called Kirsty Mitchell for a while now. Her work is so beautiful. I wanted to share it because i think it'll inspire others and she definately deserves success for what she does. I admire her creativity, there is such a gentle touch to all of her photographs. Reading up on her blog, she channels her emotions into her photography. I can see Tim Walker similarities, but there's a connection between her and her subjects much like portraiture. The props she uses are all hand made by Kirsty. When i look at the 'wonderland' series, i can see a great understanding between the photographer and the model, it's as if they step into a dream together for that split second when she presses the shutter.


Punched the boy and made him cry.

My photography...

I took these portraits as a test for my CAP project. I am very happy with them. I need to revisit this as i need more people to come and sit for me. The idea was how people request true emotion from their subjects so i got my sitters to elaborate and take it a step too far.

Sweet Dreams.

Here is a very rough example of how i want to compose and edit my Gaia project. Excuse all the bad cutting out! I just quickly knocked it together.

I didn't explain on here, but i changed my idea. My new idea is about the delicate balance between nature and man made objects and how they connect and collaborate in everything. It's a fashion/editorial piece inspired by Vanina Sorrenti. I am hoping to take it further than her images so it's not a direct copy. I am overlaying about 4 images. These were just my test shoots. I am re-shooting this week and hopefully i'll be done to make the final edit a week before the deadline for a change.

Hope you like it.

Any criticism or advice on it is welcome as it's a working progress and i know there is still room for improvement, so please comment.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Feet so cold they started to burn....

Some of my Photography...

Thank you Jessica Taylor.

Friday, 26 February 2010

The Gaia theory project

This is the image that has inspired me....

What i was hoping to do, was to turn this documentary image into a fashion image. I like the composition. I am going to try to stick with that but style it in my own unique way. I've found the location, i just need to shoot my photos on a day where the sea is a bit rough as it has been relatively calm recently.

The tricky bit will be the house...
I am going to photograph a dolls house in the sea and try and edit it to look realistic by pasting in parts of an actual house. I haven't found a dolls house yet. When i do, i will be straight down the beach.

I am really keen to get this shot over the next week. I will post up any test shoots. I've got one arranged for sunday.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

What week is this?

I have just got back from New York and i had such a brilliant time. It was very intense and i must admit, when i returned home, the exhaustion knocked me out for days. Now, all recovered and well i shall take the time to reflect over it.

It was so jam packed with stuff, there were so many highlights. I felt so privileged to be welcomed into the studio of 2 great photographers, Platon and Phil Tolendano. They shared their thoughts and stories and spoke with great enthusiasm for our futures. I left both places feeling like i could probably take over the world if i wanted to.

The only way to describe Platon, would be to say he is small and mighty. When i first saw him, i didn't expect him to be the small guy in the room with the curly hair and red trousers. His studio space was beautiful and all over the walls was his work. I started to see the resemblance between his work and my favourite photographer's, Richard Avedon. He has recent project about people from Greece were stunning. They were laid out on a big board, i did want to just take one. He made such a big impression on me.

Phil Toledano was next in the guest speakers. Another Brit, who has made it big in New York which give me a sense of pride. He was a well spoken, down to earth man with a lot of ambition for his own projects. He taught me that photography needs more depth and to have a concept to challenge people's thoughts. He moved from art directing into photography which opened my eyes a little. I worry about how i will make it and that i need to make my mind up soon about what exactly i want to be in the photographic industry, but really, you just have to follow what you enjoy. Go with the flow.

So, I ate my body weight in burgers that week and ate so many sweets my gums were red raw, but all in all, it was a fantastic and the things i learnt were worth my weight in gold.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

'Boo York'

The above photograph is by Mike Rosenthal. I always see his work on America's next top model. It's my dirty secret that i LOVE it. They do some fantastic photo shoots. You don't know what you're missing if you haven't seen it already!!

I can't wait to go to New York. I think it will give me lots of drive and excitement for my own work. I need waking up a little bit. I need to get this essay handed in and out of the way so i can concentrate on being more creative.

I received a glorious printer, which has proved extremely helpful. I have been printing off anything i see that inspires me and writing about it before the punctum wears off! I just printed off my last few blog posts and stuck them in my PPRD folder. I was getting stressed that it was looking 'thin' but now it has beefed it out a little bit. My blog looks much sexier in paper form, trust me.

I am thinking about my work placement a lot. Thinking is as far as it has gone at the moment. My note book is full of scribbles of names and places for me to chase up. I honestly think i'll be really good going out to do work experience. I've worked with a photographer before and did everything from all the crap jobs like cleaning the door step to assisting on his shoots. I feel positive about it. I am very tempted and eager to go knocking on their doors and being really persistent.

I definately need a portfolio. A nice shiny one with some good prints. The thing is... What prints? I order some paper over a week and a half ago and it still hasn't arrived. It really annoyed me because i had photographed a wedding on the 2nd and i wanted to give them some prints asap. It's delaying them even more now. Once i've got that, i'll be a printing machine (not literally, you know what i mean).

I am exhausted. I head butt the wall last night and it gave me a terribly unsettled night. So, i apologise if this is badly written and not really talking about anything relevant.

The most recent photographer that i've explored and found intriguing is Daniel Jackson. He is probably well known amongst most photography students, but i wasn't really up to date on contemporary photographers. Most aspiring photographers or fashion students will find me talking about something that was 'so last week', but i don't care. He's clearly a driven bloke. His work is every where! Dazed and confused, Vogue, you name it. He was assistant to David Sims i believe.

....And that's all i gotta say about that......

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Steven Meisel, "make love, not war"

I had a lecture yesterday on how to find a work placement and what to expect when you get there. It was really interesting. I was scribbling away in my note book so i didn't miss any good points. I've been reviewing what i wrote today and i realised we haven't got long to sort it out. I have decided i'd like to aim high. I want to shadow or assist someone that inspires me and that i look up to. It takes a lot for me to be 'star struck' for lack of a better term, but someone who is influential to my work would be great. Why settle for someone who doesn't make you tick?

Iain Crawford's name popped up a couple of times in the lecture. I had seen his work on the Morgan Lockyer website a couple of week previously because i found out my auntie works for that agency. He was one of my favourites and i gathered i've got a head start what with having a family member in that business. I emailed her last night... No reply as of yet. I am checking every couple of hours (keen kid). I need to be persistent with her (Wendy), because i don't see her that often and she doesn't know how much i love photography. She is my key to the next step... I'll update this when i get some progress.....

And so, about the essay....

The Avant-garde nature of fashion photography is fuelled by the fact that the market is constantly looking for something new. In this sense, more than in any other genre, the is a demand on the photographer to come up with something to challenge established values. How have fashion photographers responded to this demand, if such a demand exists?

Heavy stuff....

'If such a demand exists', throws me off a little. I think it does and throughout that question i'm led to believe it does and then right at the end... BAM... it takes that assurance away from you.

Here's what i think; A demand does exist and they respond by recycling old ideas which doesn't exactly challenge established values it uses them, but they give it a modern twist. A twist that will stir up controversy in its present time and raise questions.

It's taken me a week to realise what i think about that. I know it sounds stupid but i physically couldn't find anything to write about. I think i've got my head around it. I really must start writing it now!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I haven't got into the habit of writing on this yet so forgive the lateness. This is supposed to be updated once a week but i seems i am falling behind. I have made a vow to myself that i will update it very frequently to make up for the past few weeks. It will look a bit lame if i say that and then don't keep to my word as it will be written for all to see!

I had a lovely time at home in kent. The warmth of my family just makes me so happy and i really enjoyed the time i was there. I ended up spending a month at home rather than 3 weeks. I just couldn't face parting with my mum again, i really miss her when i'm studying in Bournemouth. We went for many walks in the woods and i took my pentax k1000 loaded with black and white film. I appreciated every moment and it felt really special. I have been using black and white film because to me, it makes single moments in my life seem rare and delicate. I forget what i have taken photographs of and when the negatives are developed it gives me such excitement to be reminded of the things i captured.

I had not used film for a year or two before i started this course, the main reason being i don't like handing the responsibility of my film over to somebody else. The best quality of using film, in my opinion, is that when i produce a final print, i know i was in control of every aspect. It has given me a greater understanding of photography and a greater respect.

Over Christmas, i photographed my friend dressed in a little dress and my vintage umbrella i got from a shabby shop in Boscombe. She was very easy to work with and i got some good photos that i'm proud of. I'll put a couple up...