Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I haven't got into the habit of writing on this yet so forgive the lateness. This is supposed to be updated once a week but i seems i am falling behind. I have made a vow to myself that i will update it very frequently to make up for the past few weeks. It will look a bit lame if i say that and then don't keep to my word as it will be written for all to see!

I had a lovely time at home in kent. The warmth of my family just makes me so happy and i really enjoyed the time i was there. I ended up spending a month at home rather than 3 weeks. I just couldn't face parting with my mum again, i really miss her when i'm studying in Bournemouth. We went for many walks in the woods and i took my pentax k1000 loaded with black and white film. I appreciated every moment and it felt really special. I have been using black and white film because to me, it makes single moments in my life seem rare and delicate. I forget what i have taken photographs of and when the negatives are developed it gives me such excitement to be reminded of the things i captured.

I had not used film for a year or two before i started this course, the main reason being i don't like handing the responsibility of my film over to somebody else. The best quality of using film, in my opinion, is that when i produce a final print, i know i was in control of every aspect. It has given me a greater understanding of photography and a greater respect.

Over Christmas, i photographed my friend dressed in a little dress and my vintage umbrella i got from a shabby shop in Boscombe. She was very easy to work with and i got some good photos that i'm proud of. I'll put a couple up...

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