Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Emma Summerton.

You know when you look through magazines and you take a look at the Photographer's name... Well i kept seeing Emma Summerton.

I love her new work.

I called up her agent today but the response i got was, 'she doesn't take on students and doesn't want anyone shadowing her. Send me your CV and we'll see'. That doesn't sound promising but i'll send it anyway.

'Bohemian way'...


I look like such a geek... but this is me on set with Kirsty. The model was on stilts so she was just having a rest by leaning on my shoulders.

It was so good being out on location. We were at this public path way in the middle of nowhere which looked like a strange vortex because it was all overgrown. I made myself useful and helped out where i could.

A visit to Wonderland.

I have been very busy of late. I managed to get involved with one of my favourite projects on flickr, 'Wonderland'. I had been admiring Kirsty Mitchell's work for a long time and few months ago i emailed her about the possibility of me working with her. Turns out, she needed my help!

I had so much fun.

I met the loveliest bunch of people. They are the Wonderland elves. The photographs they create are exquisite and rightly so. The passion and dedication poured into them would give nothing but that as the outcome.

Kirsty, the photographer is incredible. Working with her has given me the chance to see what it's actually like inside her head! Her imagination must run riot. I was so fascinated by how she channels that into a masterpiece. She is a woman who knows exactly what she wants. Her attention to detail is one of the greatest aspects of the way she works, it's the little touches that bring it all together.

'The fairy cake godmother' set was created in Kirsty's garden. There were some other busy beavers around. Elbie, the make up artist and hair stylist. She paints that amazing colour, she's a real artist. Kirsty and Elbie are so in tune. They both have brilliant visions and work together incredibly well. Katie, the model is just beautiful. She reminded me of a fairy. She has skills in circus performing and does modelling alongside, so she works so well in front of the camera. Also in the team was Matthew, Kirsty's fiance. He was very cool and was so involved with all the work. I love how close knit the team is. Also Adam, he is a guy in a similar position to me. He came to help so it was good to talk to him.

I have been welcomed in by the Wonderland family and have been invited back for my next fix of the enchanting series.