Wednesday, 24 February 2010

What week is this?

I have just got back from New York and i had such a brilliant time. It was very intense and i must admit, when i returned home, the exhaustion knocked me out for days. Now, all recovered and well i shall take the time to reflect over it.

It was so jam packed with stuff, there were so many highlights. I felt so privileged to be welcomed into the studio of 2 great photographers, Platon and Phil Tolendano. They shared their thoughts and stories and spoke with great enthusiasm for our futures. I left both places feeling like i could probably take over the world if i wanted to.

The only way to describe Platon, would be to say he is small and mighty. When i first saw him, i didn't expect him to be the small guy in the room with the curly hair and red trousers. His studio space was beautiful and all over the walls was his work. I started to see the resemblance between his work and my favourite photographer's, Richard Avedon. He has recent project about people from Greece were stunning. They were laid out on a big board, i did want to just take one. He made such a big impression on me.

Phil Toledano was next in the guest speakers. Another Brit, who has made it big in New York which give me a sense of pride. He was a well spoken, down to earth man with a lot of ambition for his own projects. He taught me that photography needs more depth and to have a concept to challenge people's thoughts. He moved from art directing into photography which opened my eyes a little. I worry about how i will make it and that i need to make my mind up soon about what exactly i want to be in the photographic industry, but really, you just have to follow what you enjoy. Go with the flow.

So, I ate my body weight in burgers that week and ate so many sweets my gums were red raw, but all in all, it was a fantastic and the things i learnt were worth my weight in gold.

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