Wednesday, 3 February 2010

'Boo York'

The above photograph is by Mike Rosenthal. I always see his work on America's next top model. It's my dirty secret that i LOVE it. They do some fantastic photo shoots. You don't know what you're missing if you haven't seen it already!!

I can't wait to go to New York. I think it will give me lots of drive and excitement for my own work. I need waking up a little bit. I need to get this essay handed in and out of the way so i can concentrate on being more creative.

I received a glorious printer, which has proved extremely helpful. I have been printing off anything i see that inspires me and writing about it before the punctum wears off! I just printed off my last few blog posts and stuck them in my PPRD folder. I was getting stressed that it was looking 'thin' but now it has beefed it out a little bit. My blog looks much sexier in paper form, trust me.

I am thinking about my work placement a lot. Thinking is as far as it has gone at the moment. My note book is full of scribbles of names and places for me to chase up. I honestly think i'll be really good going out to do work experience. I've worked with a photographer before and did everything from all the crap jobs like cleaning the door step to assisting on his shoots. I feel positive about it. I am very tempted and eager to go knocking on their doors and being really persistent.

I definately need a portfolio. A nice shiny one with some good prints. The thing is... What prints? I order some paper over a week and a half ago and it still hasn't arrived. It really annoyed me because i had photographed a wedding on the 2nd and i wanted to give them some prints asap. It's delaying them even more now. Once i've got that, i'll be a printing machine (not literally, you know what i mean).

I am exhausted. I head butt the wall last night and it gave me a terribly unsettled night. So, i apologise if this is badly written and not really talking about anything relevant.

The most recent photographer that i've explored and found intriguing is Daniel Jackson. He is probably well known amongst most photography students, but i wasn't really up to date on contemporary photographers. Most aspiring photographers or fashion students will find me talking about something that was 'so last week', but i don't care. He's clearly a driven bloke. His work is every where! Dazed and confused, Vogue, you name it. He was assistant to David Sims i believe.

....And that's all i gotta say about that......

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