Monday, 15 March 2010

Hmm... Not sure.

There's something about this one which i am not happy about. I think it might be all the arms?! It took me a while to edit because i did it the longest way around! I think it might be the edges? I think the left arms are looking weird. Maybe cut the lighter one out? Who knows! It's been a long weekend and a long day to start the week.

Might just start again tomorrow and keep this one for the sketch book.


  1. thing is you have two images of girl X and one of jess, and you need all three to be of girl X ( who is buff) or all three overlaying images to be the same. you dig?

  2. There's 2 of Jacqueline, and 2 of jess. It's meant to represent a number of things, but primarily nature and man made creations combining. It's quite conceptual and i know i'm going to get torn to shreds in the crit.... actually do we have a crit on this? Anyway, it's intentional that there's faces mixed together.
    The girl x is on BA photo 2nd year. she's such a good model.