Sunday, 22 November 2009

A little introduction...

I've just got back from the beach, my feet are cold and my hair is all stiff from the salty air. It was absolutely beautiful there, the waves were crashing against the sand and the wind almost swept me off my feet. I felt so alive at the edge of the pier with my old camera watching a massive boat out at sea. It makes me feel at ease knowing i had my camera there to capture these moments that might slip from my memory.

I am going to use this blog to explain more about my work. I intend on making it like my online scrap book. My inspiration for photography comes from the world around me, not just images. Hopefully, as it develops it will start to explain more about me as a person and what makes me tick.

I started this blog for one of my units at university. I'm studying Commercial Photography at The Arts University College Bournemouth (It used to be called The Arts Institute... Way cooler). I love it. It's early days, but my mind is constantly buzzing and i feel lucky to be given the freedom to explore my art.

Thanks for reading,

(p.s I became an Auntie today)

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